Reports 2012 – 2013

EIGHT PARISHES CIC End of year Accounts 2013

November 2012 – November 2013 Annual Report Click to read the full report

1. CIC Introduction

This is the first annual report provided by the Eight Parishes Community Interest Company to cover the delivery of the Swinford Windfarm Community Fund.

Eight Parishes CIC was formally established as a company in November 2012 and during the following year has proceeded to administer the Fund in accordance with the ‘Objects of the Eight Parishes CIC’ as outlined in the Grant Funding Agreement.

The report follows the format prescribed to the CIC by Messrs Vattenfall and set out in the following sections:-

– Community Engagement

– Fund Administration

– Applications to the Fund

– Accounts and Records of Expenditure

– Forward Look

Additionally the report is structured to report on the activities of both the CIC and Parishes in each of the above sectors. In some sectors the CIC devolves responsibility to the Parishes and in others the opposite takes place.

2. Key Milestones Achieved by the CIC during the Year.

The following is a summary of the Key Milestones achieved during the year

  1. CIC registered as a Company on 29th November 2102 (Company Number 8312835)
  2. Grant Funding Agreement signed with Messrs Vattenfall 22nd January 2013
  3. CIC current bank account opened at Nat West Bank February 2013
  4. First Annual grant paid into current account on the 7th March 2013
  5. CIC Financial Standing Orders agreed 16th January 2013
  6. CIC Deposit account opened at Market Harborough Building Society on the 15th March2013
  7. First Grant paid out in the June 2013
  8. Community Fund Launch day funded by Vattenfall held on the 8th June 2013
  9. Regular CIC Directors bi – monthly meetings and additional meetings during the mobilisation period held on

–       8th October 2012

–       23rd October 2012

–       27th November 2012

–       16th January 2013

–       12th March 2013

–       16th April 2013

–       14th May 2013

–       6th June 2013

–       19th September

  1. CIC Directors Meeting to finalise annual report and accounts held on 10th December 2013
  2. CIC Website commissioned on the 10th December 2013

November 2012 – November 2013 Annual Report Click to read the full report